Family Histories

Family Histories from the 10th Century. Many of the European families of note started to record the family lineage and history around this time. Unfortunately throughout the many wars and conflicts that followed a lot of these records were destroyed or lost. We are in the very lucky position to have access to the records that do exist. They have created great excitement for the many individuals that seek this information for their own use and that of their extended families.

Family Histories From Europe

Histories of every name of European origin is available. The company can also incorporate history right up to the present day. The family histories can include dates, and other family information that you would like. After you place your order you can send us an email with the information that you would like to have included.

family histories

               All Family Names Available – Orders processed by Military Online Shopping


Histories and Coat of Arms Combined

The combined history and Coat of Arms is one of the popular gifts for weddings and special occasions. For many men and women who have emigrated from their original country, it’s nice to have a reminder of the ancestral lineage and heritage. The histories will contain references to dates and historical figures that may have carried the family name or a variant of it.

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